Till Carlos and Eva Louise Dressel work together, but rarely see each other.  They have been doing this for three years, or so…and it all seems kind of normal.

Interestingly, while they were raised very close to each other in Germany, they first met in Rio de Janeiro.  Eva Louise was working in Rio and Till was traveling there to see a client.  A mutual friend suggested they meet, which they did do, but they only started working together later.

Till has chosen Vietnam as his base, while Eva Louise basically uses Germany…but she travels frequently to New York and other parts of the world.  They both love exploring…

Fortunately, for me, they were together for a few days in Krabi, Thailand for a face to face work session.  We had a truly superior conversation and focused a lot on a new product and business they are developing called Englishletics.

Episode 09 - Till Carlos and Eva Louise Dressel – 80% of Success Is What You Choose To Work On

by Till Carlos and Eva Louise Dressel | Asia Tech Podcast