Nathanael Noiraud is an entrepreneur at heart…consumed with building businesses and helping others do the same.  One of his earliest forays was being recruited to build out the Gameloft business in Southeast Asia.  It was an experience that would change his life.

Firmly ensconced in the Asian business world and learning the specifics of each market microstructure lead directly to Nathanael starting his own business, N-Strategy Consulting Services.

Nathanael and I had an in depth discussion about the challenges of expanding even the most successful business into Asia.  What is localization?  Why does diversity matter at all levels of an organization?  Do colors really matter? (Yes, they do!)

Having a strategic vision is not enough…one needs to have a deep and broad level of experience to truly help others expand into Asia AND the operational expertise to make it happen.

Episode 11 - Nathanael Noiraud – Founder, CEO N-Strategy Consulting Services

by Nathanael Noiraud | Asia Tech Podcast