The business feels so compelling and the support for it is so widespread, I went back for more.  In this episode, I spoke to Eric Fear, the co-Founder and XR Product Manager at Inspace XR.

Eric comes out of a gaming background and was a professor at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Sydney, when the other co-Founder of Inspace, Justin Liang, rocked up for a hackathon that Eric had organized.

Eric essentially made himself the champion of VR at the college and at the time was not looking to start a business.  He was simply trying to get the technology into the hands of more local developers, as there was simply not enough VR content being created.

After meeting Justin and workshopping the Inspace XR idea, the opportunity to co-found was too good and Eric made the leap.  He believed then that the intersection of games and architectural design provided a powerful and large opportunity.

Eric explained, “Sometimes you want to be able to grab someone’s attention and steal it away…sometimes you want to let them discover things on their own and sometimes it should not be on their plate at all…”  Implementing those gaming paradigms inside of a B2B tool are both challenging and rewarding.  Part of the idea is to build tools that seamlessly bleed into the background to create design magic.

Episode 16 - Eric Fear – co-Founder Inspace XR – It Takes the Guesswork Out

by Eric Fear | Asia Tech Podcast