Dr. Aubrey de Grey and I had an amazing conversation…which, frankly, can mostly be attributed to his brilliance and me listening to it.

Dr. de Grey is a pioneer in BioGerontology.  It is not the case that this field did not exist prior to his involvement.

It did.

However, through his dogged persistence, his innovative perspective and his unrelenting vision, he has slowly, but surely, convinced others that there was a better way.

We spoke at length about life, longevity, suffering and aging.  We also discussed the role of medicine and its overall approach to solving the aging process.  There seems to be an inherent belief, developed and augmented throughout history, that aging is accompanied by senescence at both the organism and cell level and that there is nothing that can be done about it.

Dr. de Grey and the sens research foundation work tirelessly to fund and support research that uses regenerative medicine to repair the damage of aging.  With a stated goal of building the industry that results from this research, this is truly groundbreaking in its scope.

The results of these efforts are already starting to bear fruit.  You can see some recent funding news here and get more information by subscribing to their newsletter here.

Episode 19 – Dr. Aubrey de Grey – SENS Research Foundation – Bridging the Valley of Death

by Dr. Aubrey de Grey | Asia Tech Podcast