Shaun Rein has maintained an insane travel schedule over the past three months, but it has been well worth it.  Traveling the world and speaking to opinion leaders and large audiences alike, gives Shaun a unique perspective on the ever-changing perceptions of China’s growing power and how it exerts that power.

We talked about Trump’s trade war with China and whether it was calculated policy, an ideological response or some combination of both.  Regardless, a lot of unease remains around the instability of Trump’s policies and the unpredictability of its results.

Ecosystems in general, but political ecosystems in particular, do not like uncertainty and Trump’s behavior is potentially driving traditional allies closer to China both politically and economically.

Shaun’s tenure in China continues to give him insights that other China commentators simply can not get.  While he has mused about entering the political ring in the United States, for now Shaun is extremely busy managing a booming business at China Market Research Group.

Episode 19 – Shaun Rein – Founder CMR – A Reordering of Economic and Political Power

by Shaun Rein | Asia Tech Podcast