Alan Jones takes a unique and non-conventional approach to his investing.  As a much sought after investor and mentor, Alan remains incredibly down to earth and humble.

However, do not let his quiet nature fool you.  Inside is a burning desire to build big things and impart years of acquired knowledge to those that are smart enough to listen to him.

Alan was there at the beginning of the internet boom, not just in Australia, but globally.  Initially a tech journalist, Alan flew around the world to interview the likes of Bill Gates.  Wanting to get more directly involved in the growth of the tech ecosystem, Alan and a partner somehow convinced Yahoo! to give them the rights to build its first international launch.

It was a pretty wild ride and has allowed Alan to continue to leave his fingerprints across a wide swath of the Australian tech startup ecosystem.

Episode 23 – Alan Jones – GP M8 Ventures – A Smooth, Beautifully Balanced V12 Engine

by Alan Jones | Asia Tech Podcast