Scott Thomas is the co-Founder of Creatively Squared.  Scott is originally a scientist and was advising government and corporates on how to behave more like a startup, prior to starting this venture.  While in that role, he found that sometimes the individuals were all in on this, but the institutional inertia made it harder.  One of the first things he tried to do was separate the teams he was working with from their day job to really start having impact.

Interestingly, now that Scott is building his own business, he finds that these people are perfect hires as they get the latitude and freedom to innovate in a way that many not have been possible at a larger institution

The inspiration for Creatively Squared grew out Ruth Stephensen’s search for a creative outlet and started with an Instagram community she built. She would hold thematic weekly contests and asked people to post their photo to her Instagram group. The quality of the content was so good and the community grew very quickly.

He and Ruth determined that there were a lot of people out there that had the time to do some really creative work and there were brands that could not keep up with the amount of content that needed to be created. Creatively Squared decided to try to match them. They have now built up to 20,000 content creators on the platform.

Episode 24 – Scott Thomas – co-Founder, Creatively Squared – Styled and a Sense of Emotion

by Scott Thomas | Asia Tech Podcast