I had an interesting conversation with Andee Chua, the Head of Community at Found in Singapore.  Andee says that he was a bit rebellious as a teenager.  Thinking that he did not want to go right to ‘work’ after school, he decided to break into the world of international modeling.  Frankly, this sounds like a much harder path to me!

Andee rocked up to Fashion Week in Milan and through sheer perseverance and talent secured a position in the biggest show of the week, with Giorgio Armani.  Even after winning a spot in the show, the other models told him that there was no celebrating until you have actually ‘walked the show’.  There are actually instances in which the designer decides at the last minute that your ‘look’ is no longer necessary and you are out.  Sounds like capital raising with a venture capitalist to me!  Lots of lessons to be learned in unexpected places.

Found is a co-working community, founding in Singapore back in 2012, previously known as ImpactHub Singapore.  It is a network of innovation campuses where ambitious entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.

As the Head of Community, Andee’s goal is to optimize how to make the three Found locations cohesive and bring the members closer together.  How can he find synergistic opportunities for them and make them more productive and grow even faster.

Finally, we talked about personal branding, a topic that Andee recently wrote about which you can read here…

Episode 28 – Andee Chua – Head of Community, Found – I Was a Little Bit Rebellious as a Teenager

by Episode 28 – Andee Chua | Asia Tech Podcast