I was joined by Dr. Julie Albright, Digital Sociologist and author of, “Left to Their Own Devices: How Digital Natives Are Reshaping the American Dream” to talk about digital transformation from a social and behavioral perspective.  From her position as a Lecturer on Electrical Engineering and the Psychology of Interactive Media, Dr. Albright is a ‘thought leader on the intersection of society, behavior, and technology.’

We had an interesting conversation on the impact that hyper connectivity has on a generation that is never without its mobile device(s).  Dr. Albright “looks at the many ways in which younger people, facilitated by technology, are coming “untethered” from traditional aspirations and ideals, and asks: What are the effects of being disconnected from traditional, stabilizing social structures like churches, marriage, political parties, and long-term employment? What does it mean to be human when one’s ties to people, places, jobs, and societal institutions are weakened or broken, displaced by digital hyper-connectivity?”

Episode 33 – Dr Julie Albright – Digital Sociologist – Synchronization of Time and Harmonization of Values

by Dr Julie Albright | Asia Tech Podcast