I had an incredible conversation with Priyanka Jain, the Founder of Roaming Clan.  The origin of this episode is actually quite interesting, and maybe even a proof of concept.  Earlier in the year, I did an episode with Vikram Bharati that started off as two friends catching up and ended up having a long discussion about his new and rapidly growing business called Tribe Theory.  This is a must-listen.

It turned out that I had to go to Singapore during May for some business and I decided to try staying at the flagship Tribe Theory hostel in Singapore.  I was more than pleasantly surprised.  It was a pretty awesome place.  It was there that I had the chance to meet Priyanka’s sister Prerna Jain.  She and I had a great conversation and after telling her what I did, she said that I had to talk to her sister.  The loop was closed.

Priyanka tells a great story about how Roaming Clan was started.  She had been working corporate jobs, doing well and just decided that she wanted to take a 3-month trip to recharge.  That trip turned into a year-long adventure and the things that she learned and experienced during that year inspired her to start and build Roaming Clan.

Priyanka and I had a true conversation.  She asked me if during my travels I had ever run into a solo Indian female traveller…and I had to admit that I had not.  That was part of her point.  There are plenty of individuals who would benefit from having others with whom to travel.  Essentially, Roaming Clan is a community of trustworthy travelers.  ‘Roamers’ can join group trips, post their plans in travel clubs & look for like-minded travel-mates.

Episode 45 - Priyanka Jain - Founder Roaming Clan - Our Generation Is About Having Experiences

by Priyanka Jain | Asia Tech Podcast