This episode is a bit different.  We recorded this at True Digital Park with the amazing Leigh Kelson from BeachCity Media at an event called Startup Nation.  Leigh and I sat with Chokwan (Kitty) Chopaka and had a frank and frankly enlightening conversation about cannabis and the potential for its legalisation in Thailand.

Kitty is the Founder & CEO of Elevated Estate, Thailand’s industry-leading Cannabis focussed expo, incubator, fund and consulting firm. Elevated Estate, is an authoritative source of information and a vital community hub for the cannabis industry in Thailand and beyond. 

Kitty’s background in corporate law, digital strategy and technology has enabled her to be a unique voice for Cannabis Advocacy. She is also part of Highland Network core team, an organisation that has been dedicated to the goal of the legalisation of cannabis in Thailand.

Kitty also told us that she is working with Expara to build an investment fund for the startup cannabis industry in Thailand.

Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 50 - Chokwan Kitty Chopaka - Founder & CEO of Elevated Estate - Introducing a Cannabis Investment Fund

by Chokwan Kitty Chopaka | Asia Tech Podcast