Quote: “If we’re really going to make this move from finance into tech, we should really be doing what we think has the most net present value opportunity.” 

In this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast, Michael Waitze is joined by Kevin Lepsoe, Founder and CEO of Chinafy, a service dedicated to optimising a website’s speed and display in China and accelerating success for businesses. They discussed Kevin’s transition from the financial world to the tech industry, working in a pressure cooker environment and navigating The Great Firewall.

From Finance to Tech

“The further you stay, the harder it is to transition and do something else…and at some point, you start to wonder what else is out there,” said Kevin. With over 20 years of working in finance and investing, it became clear to Kevin that it was time for a move – but as one can imagine, this shift wasn’t easy. 

Kevin reflected upon his challenges and illuminated the key elements he believes are essential in succeeding in a new industry – money, experience, and a good network. 

The Pressure Cooker Environment

You’re built to withstand the pressure that comes with your calling, and Kevin Lepsoe did just that. In this podcast, he gave us an idea of what it’s like to surpass the financial crisis and his experience working in several high-pressure environments. 

Michael and Kevin then discussed the highs and lows when it comes to working in an intensely fast-paced environment, along with how Kevin’s experience has helped shape his resiliency, determination, and grit, which has been directly transferred into his entrepreneurship. 

 The Great Firewall

China has a long history of blocking access to a variety of foreign websites, along with some of the software tools that drive them. This means that some foreign sites can become dysfunctional inside of China.

Both Michael and Kevin agreed that a dysfunctional site is the first step to failure for a business. Kevin explained how Chinafy combats these issues by building and employing software tools that automate the re-engineering of these sites while still following rules and restrictions within the country.

Kevin also highlighted the elements that make a website compliant and fully functioning in China, as well as how to improve its performance in the long-run. 

Importance of Site Speed

In the digital age with such an abundance of information, things like site speed, loading times, and missing or broken components of a website have significant negative impacts on your business’s image. 

Michael and Kevin discuss the importance of site speed for both users and businesses in keeping users engaged with your site, and how loading time is one of the fundamental reasons that contribute to page abandonment. 

To learn more about how to optimise your website’s performance and how Chinafy is eliminating barriers for foreign businesses, check out this episode of the Asia Tech podcast today.


Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 75 - Kevin Lepsoe - Founder & CEO at Chinafy - Western Businesses Have Difficulty Entering China

by Kevin Lepsoe | Asia Tech Podcast