Quote: “I wanted to see beautiful things as long as I could.”

In this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast, Michael Waitze is joined by Alexa Huth, a content creator, storyteller, and an overall creative communicator working for Tymeshift, an omnichannel workforce management tool helping customer support teams manage their workforce more efficiently and effectively. As a content creator, she is dedicated to writing impactful stories, developing a business’s organisational voice, strengthening brands, and more. 

They flipped through the most crucial chapters in Alexa’s journey so far and discussed how she emerged into the world of writing, why she fell in love with it, and how she found her vision. 

The Rabbit Hole 

“I got into writing purely by accident trying to register for classes,” Alexa revealed. 

It was during her sophomore and junior years of college at Carnegie Mellon University that Alexa serendipitously stumbled into the rabbit hole of writing. As she registered for various classes in the upcoming semester at the time, she found that most classes had been filled except for a class called ‘The Elements of Style’. 

“I thought it was actually a fashion class, but of course it turned out to be about writing style,” she laughed. This accidental chance gave Alexa the opportunity to experiment with writing things that weren’t making sense to people and trying to build something out of it, something that made sense. 

It was the first time she had tried writing from a place where her goal was trying to clarify things, whereas in high school she was just writing to get a grade. They discussed the lessons that Alexa learnt during this time, what captivated her about writing, and the significance of having storytelling as a skill. 

A Blind Chance

Despite falling into a passion she never realised she had, Alexa’s journey to where she is now wasn’t always easy, and the path was certainly not clear. 

During her Master’s Degree, Alexa’s family had noticed her continually complaining about the fact that she kept seeing the colour green everywhere – despite the absence of it – and urged her to seek medical advice. 

Alexa explained that after going doctor to doctor and being referred to countless specialists, she was told her retinas were detached and that she was going to go blind if they don’t operate within the next 2 weeks. 

She then shared the impact the news had on her and her family and discussed her experience over that year going in and out of the hospital. However, despite this setback, Alexa still managed to go back to university to finish her degree and continue her journey of writing.

Change of Vision

“I needed a system I didn’t understand, I knew what things should look like but I couldn’t actually see it,” she explained.

After she finished her Master’s Degree and had been promoted from a Technical Editor to a Senior Technical Writer, she continued to work for the next 18 months and found herself feeling burnt out. 

Frustrated and exhausted at not being able to see things she knew what looked like before losing a significant amount of her vision, she explained that she needed a change. 

“I wanted to see beautiful things as long as I could,” Alexa said. She explained that it was this feeling that led her to seek out new opportunities in places she wasn’t familiar with and revealed how she landed a job in a startup in Fukuoka, Japan. 

To learn more about how Alexa Huth found her passion for writing, overcame her obstacles and conquered opportunities internationally, listen to this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast today.


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Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 85 - Alexa Huth - Content Creator and Startup Storyteller - Look for the Heart of Whatever You're Doing

by Alexa Huth | Asia Tech Podcast