Quote: “Each set is a new challenge.”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mario Peng, the Founder, and CEO of Flexstay Rentals.  Flexstay aims to build Southeast Asia’s leading AI-enabled, end-to-end PropTech platform to make long-term residential rentals simple and transparent for tenants, owners, and brokers by digitizing and automating 90% of the processes.

Mario started his career in the Investment Banking world and moved into Private Equity to get ‘closer to the deals’.  Like most entrepreneurs, he had always wanted to start his own business and he did just that in 2013 as a co-Founder of HotelQuickly which was sold to Rising Sun Group in 2017.

Mario is thoughtful, deliberate, and focused.  After the sale of HotelQuickly, Mario still saw a lot of greenfield opportunities in Southeast Asia and started Peng Ventures to focus on building teams and businesses in the Property and Travel sector.  Noticing many gaps in what one might consider a chaotic and fragmented rental market, Mario founded Flexstay Rentals in July 2019.


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Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 91 - Mario Peng - Founder and CEO at FlexStay Rentals - Make Residential Rentals as Simple as Booking a Hotel

by Mario Peng | Asia Tech Podcast