I had the pleasure of speaking with Andreas Sigurdsson,  a Swedish media professional, consultant, and entrepreneur who has built two interesting businesses in Myanmar – Lychee Ventures, a Myanmar Venture builder; and the Myanmore Media Group, a modern media company dedicated to creating great content and great experiences.

Prior to building businesses in Myanmar, Andreas spent 10 years working in the Greater China region during which time he became fluent in Mandarin.  Originally from Sweden, Andreas was educated as an Industrial Engineer with a focus on IT and Innovation, all of which has given him great insights and experience to build businesses across Asia, where he has been residing since 2001.  His ability to understand local cultures while supplementing that with best practices from both the East and the West has given him a very unique perspective.

Andreas and I had a great conversation during which we discussed the initial reason why he came to Asia, his life-changing bicycle ride from China to Southeast Asia, and all of the venture building lessons he has learned during his two-decade experience in Asia.


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Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 92 - Andreas Sigurdsson - Swedish Entrepreneur in Myanmar - I Don't See That I'm Working, I'm Just Living

by Andreas Sigurdsson | Asia Tech Podcast