The Asia Tech Podcast spoke with Helen McGuire and Hayley Bakker co-founders and the CEO and CPO respectively of These two amazing founders are building Diversely to be the bias-free hiring platform that helps you to find the best, not just the most obvious talent – quickly and easily, working with businesses to reduce biases in their hiring processes – with scale and impact.

Helen has been a champion of underrepresented groups her whole career.  She is a two-time founder with a background in Digital, Communications and Diversion and Inclusion.

Hayley is a leader striving to make an impact on pressing challenges in the APAC region through technology, user-centric design, and good old-fashioned community and organisation. She has a track record in financial engineering, management consulting and entrepreneurship.

We talked about:

How the founders’ career journeys led them to a deep understanding of the Diversity and Inclusion space.

Why a lack of workplace diversity is not always the problem is trying to solve.

How these incredible founders have raised money and gained traction pre-product during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 102 - Helen McGuire and Hayley Bakker - Diversely - Finding The Right Talent

by Helen McGuire and Hayley Bakker | Asia Tech Podcast