The Asia Tech Podcast caught up with Alan Jones, a self-proclaimed Startup Founder Coach (and a very good one at that!) and one of the earliest supporters of the startup ecosystem in Australia.  I always enjoy talking to Alan because he is so thoughtful and filled with insights gained over years of experience.

We had a wide-ranging discussion about life, experience, growth, tech, startups and how the pandemic changed the way we both looked at the world and the future.  We mixed in a bit of politics, because we simply can not discount the impact that it was having across the board.

We also discussed how 2020 was a year like no other and how Alan had to make the difficult but sensible decision to put M8 Ventures on pause.

Links from the show:

Alan Jones on the “A Lot to Say” podcast hosted by Garry Williams.

catalysr – An award-winning pre-accelerator for early stage startups.

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