I spoke to Shaun Rein in December 2017, just after his book, “The War for China’s Wallet” was published.  I wanted to follow up with him about the book’s initial reception both globally and domestically.  Does Silicon Valley now believe that China can, in fact, innovate?  Do governments globally understand China’s use of economic and political power?

I also asked Shaun to discuss Western arrogance and the potential loss of market influence insie of China for Western brands that just ‘do not get it’.  The result of this arrogance is a growing list of prominent Chinese companies that better serve their domestic market, have a better relationship with Chinese consumers and are years ahead of their Western counterparts in taking advantage of mobile technology to serve their clients.  All in all another insightful conversation with Shaun, one of the most knowledgeable and insightful commentators currently living in China.

Shaun Rein is the Founder of the China Market Research Group.


Episode 02 - Shaun Rein – Catching Up / Following Up on “The War for China’s Wallet”

by Shaun Rein | Asia Tech Podcast