Alan Gregerman believes that business is about listening to other people’s needs and filling those needs.  He also believes that while winning is good, winning by being different in a way that matters is better.  You only have to speak to Alan for a moment to realize that he has a real passion for helping leaders and organizations unlock the genius in themselves, their colleagues, and the world around them.  This passion has helped him work with some of the world’d most respected organizations, including Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, The World Bank / International Finance Corporation, Mercedes Benz, Discovery Communications, Omnicom, and the National Civil Rights Museum.

Alan Gregerman operates with four fundamental principles:

  • Be Humble (You don’t know everything.)
  • Be Curious
  • Be Respectful
  • Understand Your Purpose and Know Where You are Adding Value
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Episode 03 - Alan Gregerman – Chief Innovation Officer, Venture Works Inc., Author “The Necessity of Strangers”

by Alan Gregerman | Asia Tech Podcast