Christina Hsiang was born in Taiwan, but moved to Toronto when she was 7 years old.  Christina and her family moved back to Taiwan a half-decade later, where she attended high school and started applying for university in the United States.

Always interested in both technology and international business, Christina decided to study law to develop a specialized set of skills and knowledge.  This allowed her to tie together all of her interests and set her up nicely to found and develop StartUps Greater Asia.

Our discussion led us to some of the following topics:

1) Asia is expanding, rapidly.  Most people in the West can not conceptualize the speed and acceleration of this expansion.

2) Some companies (both startups and corporates) are beginning to realize that to continue to grow and maintain relevance they need to expand to Asia, but have no idea how to do that. 

3) Companies started, developed and domiciled in Asia will expand regionally and globally, increasing their footprints, relevance and dominance.

Episode 08 - Christina Hsiang – Startups Greater Asia - Asian Expansion and Why Asia Matters

by Christina Hsiang | Asia Tech Podcast