Sebastian Roervig left Denmark when he was only 19 years old.  He decided to opt out of University at home and decided, instead, to try to get into school in California.  This ended up being a lot harder than he had expected…

He discussed the challenges and obstacles of trying to exist on his own in a place he had only visited with his family prior.  He encountered obstacles both systemic and some he basically created for himself.

While the word ‘journey’ tends to be a slightly over-used, this is not true in the case of Sebastian Roervig.  From feeling uncertain, isolated and alone in California, his journey to stability has taken him to Boston, the Philippines, Pakistan, Paris and Singapore…all the while freaking out his parents and friends back home.

Objectively, he has not only survived…he has thrived!

Episode 13 - Sebastian Roervig – Grab Financial – People Freaked Out, You Survived

by Sebastian Roervig | Asia Tech Podcast