Mat Ward is the co-Founder and CEO of Helpster.  Understanding how he came to start Helpster and where he learned some of the skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must go all the way back to the year he graduated from high school.

Mat turned down a chance to go to university and instead decided to hone his sales skills by slogging products door to door in New Zealand.

Go forward less than 10 years and Mat was Head of Sales at AdMax, a pioneer in the AdTech space in Southeast Asia and on his way to being its CEO and managing its trade sale to Komli Media.

Mat has learned so much during his time in Southeast Asia and is one of the best entrepreneurs in the region at building teams and scaling businesses.  He shares some pretty amazing insights with me as we discuss the development and growth of Helpster.

Episode 15 - Mathew Ward – Helpster – Curated, Validated and Substantiated

by Mathew Ward | Asia Tech Podcast