Greg Nance is from Bainbridge Island in Washington State and he loves the outdoors.  Greg is an ultra marathon runner and an entrepreneur.  Neither of these is easy to do, much less do well.

Greg also passionately believes that Education = Opportunity and he works tirelessly to expand access to top tier education.

Greg maintains a real sense of being fortunate, in that he “had supportive parents, teachers that believed in me, and mentors, coaches and pastors that invested so much in me.”  With such luck on his side, Greg wondered if he could engineer that luck so that others can get the expert insight and mentoring that he received.

In this spirit, was built to encourage and support those less fortunate to get the education of their dreams and help them unlock the necessary scholarships to pay for it.

Finally, Greg is running 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents to help students overcome the financial barriers to a college education.  Support him by clicking on the image below.

Episode 18 - Greg Nance – CEO at – Push the Frontier of What I View As Possible

by Greg Nance | Asia Tech Podcast