Jamie Skella and I caught up again and both of us felt like the conversation had come full circle…back to GG EZ Bar and Esports.  Jamie’s involvement in the space goes back almost 20 years…some parts of your life are just that…a part of your life and they never go away.  Jamie’s return to the esports scene is a true return to his roots…and this re-entry has only just begun.  His timing could not be better.  Esports is booming and is on pace to get even bigger.

With all of our discussion about Esports Mogul, we had to step back a bit and recap the incredible growth engine that Jamie helped build at Horizon State.  The ability to change lives and improve the quality of political discourse while making it easier and safer to vote was paramount to its success.

Jamie is now full on as the Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer at Esports Mogul…and we had a ton of things to talk about as he settles into his new role.

It is still early days in the development of the competitive gaming industry.  Infrastructure still needs to get built.  Tools for organizing tournaments, finding talent and paying future stars are still in their infancy.  Jamie and I discussed all of this and more.  We also talked about broadcasting rights and the balance between building your own distribution and partnering with the best of breed.

The Mogul business is multifaceted.  One of the key components is providing up and coming gamers a dynamic platform on which they can hone their skills and practice in true, competitive environment while earning prize money at the same time.  Up until now, most gamers have been ‘practicing for free’ and this hinders their ability to train.  Mogul also helps tournament organizers more easily find high quality participants and players. 

The Mogul Foundation will also be a key part of the organization.  The Foundations’s premise is to create the structure where gamers can thrive post their competitive careers.  It is here where they can get up-skilled and trained to be coaches, trainers, managers and help fill other necessary roles inside the esports industry as it continues to mature.

Episode 31 – Jamie Skella – Esports Mogul – Prop It Up and Start Lighting a Fire

by Jamie Skella | Asia Tech Podcast