Asia Tech Podcast – Episode 38 – Daniel Maggs – CEO Bisu – In Our Case It Is Internet of Toilets

by | May 28, 2019

I spoke to Daniel Maggs, the CEO, and Founder of Bisu.  Bisu is a Health and Wellness startup…that helps people capture data and understand what their body needs.

Bisu was founded to help you understand and meet the needs of your unique body, so you can live a healthier, happier life. Daniel was moved to start Bisu after his father’s early death from prostate cancer. Bisu’s CTO, Wojciech Bula, joined the team to bring medical-grade sensing to an affordable product anyone can use. 

When most of us think of IoT, they think broadly about the ‘Internet of Things’. Daniel and his globally distributed team think more precisely about the ‘Internet of Toilets.’  The idea is that every day, humans are literally flushing extremely valuable data about their personal health and well-being down the toilet.  There are in fact many biomarkers for which urine, not blood, is the gold standard – including for instance electrolytes, dietary acid load, and hormone production levels.  Capturing this data and enabling its analysis is important to understand your personal health.

Daniel and I also discussed the benefits of going through SOSV’s HAX Accelerator program.  I have been following Bisu’s development for most of its existence and I can confirm what Daniel told me.  The impact on so many facets of Bisu has been positively affected by its ongoing relationship with HAX.

Daniel, originally trained as a lawyer, has worked super hard to understand the details around the health and wellness space.  You will be surprised by his depth of knowledge and expertise, particularly as it relates to biomarker testing.  He has built a pretty incredible team and works with some amazing advisors as well.

Episode 38 - Daniel Maggs - CEO Bisu - In Our Case It Is Internet of Toilets

by Daniel Maggs | Asia Tech Podcast

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