I was talking to Pavel Zaslavsky, the Head of Israel for LisutoAI and it could not have been more interesting.  Pavel has almost two decades of experience in the intersection of e-commerce, data analysis, algorithms, product discovery and product cataloging…Pavel has had an insane amount of experience at companies like shopping.com and e-Bay.  He was actually responsible for building out e-Bay’s Catalog team in Israel.  When Pavel talks about e-commerce, product discoverability and search, people listen.  Pavel not only has two degrees from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, but he also lectures there as well.

Pavel and I had a fascinating conversation about data and product discoverability and its impact on both Sellers and Buyers on big digital marketplaces.  We touched on structured versus unstructured data, how different marketplaces implement and use their data structures and how navigation comes into play.

We initially discussed searching via a text box, something that most online shoppers understand.  We also move to video search, image searching and audio searching at scale.  Few people, if any, understand the difficulty and nuances of this as well as Pavel.

Finally, we discussed how he is attacking all of these complex issues in his current role at LisutoAI.

Lisuto is a leading provider of AI solutions for e-commerce, dramatically reducing time to create, augment, translate and insert listings into marketplaces while significantly improving exposure and conversion to sale on global platforms like Amazon, Ebay and Rakuten in Japan.

Lisuto’s proprietary technology is based on human-like linguistic understanding combined with deep analysis of structured product data and capabilities of AI processing of big data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 41 - Pavel Zaslavsky - Head of Israel, Lisuto - Improve Discoverability and Increase Sales

by Pavel Zaslavsky | Asia Tech Podcast