I had the honor of speaking to Dana Badeen and Marijn Beije, the Founders of Lines Designworks. Design is subtle. It is always there. If it is done well, it is almost impossible to notice. If it is done poorly, it can not be unnoticed.

The Lines Designworks team, from top to bottom, is pretty incredible. But do not take my word for it, take the fact that Lines Designworks has received 16 international design awards. That is a lot of awards.

The conversation I had with Dana and Marijn was so much fun and so informative at the same time. These are not just impressive designers, but super nice people as well.

Marijn is one of the most talented industrial designers of his generation. (And he’s not afraid to tell you.) After attending the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven he trained directly under renowned designer Jacob Jensen.

Dana is part designer, part organizer, part over-thinker. After trying her hand at engineering and working at Microsoft, she went on to design school in America. Dana is a rare all-around designer who can realize 3D and 2D as well as overall strategy. She is quite amazing, indeed.

Listen to this entire episode…you will not be disappointed.

Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 49 - Dana Badeen and Marijn Beije - Founders of Lines Designworks - Design Creates Desirability

by Dana Badeen and Marijn Beije | Asia Tech Podcast