Quote: “You can have an absolutely stellar business model, but what are your durable sources of competitive advantage?.” 

In this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast, Michael Waitze is joined by Mathew Badalucco, the Co-founder and CFO of Milu Labs, a diagnostic platform used to detect major health conditions. Committed to meeting the clinical health needs of women’s health, Milu Labs is dedicated to increasing the quality of women’s health worldwide. They discussed Mathew’s background and how that led him to the genesis of Milu, the crucial lessons he’s learnt, and his investment experience in corporate versus biotech. 

Genesis of Milu Labs

Before getting into the biotech industry, Mathew’s experience was in institutional finance. He had spent time in investment banking then private equity before moving to South East Asia to explore early-stage venture capital. 

He explained that he reconnected with Dr. Daniel Chai, who was doing healthcare investing when Mathew met him during his grad school days. Mathew explained how although Dr. Chai was interested and loved working through the secondary markets and longshore equity, he wanted to make an impact. 

They both decided to create a startup in the healthcare industry and the biotech industry, but before that, they conducted immense research. Mathew explained what he learned and uncovered during his research, and how they used an exosome-based approach in creating a diagnostic platform. 

Selling Investment Through Storytelling

It appears that storytelling and the use of narrative techniques have increasingly become an essential tool in every industry, whether it’s tech, e-commerce, or finance. 

Mathew discussed the important lessons he’s learnt from his experience of working in both Catcha and Citadel. He highlighted the importance of storytelling in both crafting a strategy, painting a vision, and unifying them. The use of storytelling is one of the greatest ways to communicate an authentic and consistent message.

He shared tips and tricks into the most effective ways to articulate a vision, and how to make investors believe in what you were going to build before it was even built.

Corporate vs Clinic

They then discussed the nuances or special aspects and dynamics of investing in healthcare, as opposed to e-commerce. 

Mathew shared his experience in switching from two very different industries, and the similarities and differences between them that he had uncovered. He revealed how although the theoretical underplan was the same, as they manifested in the real world they start to look very different. 

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The audio on this episode was expertly edited and produced by the talented Alanis Braun.  You can see her portfolio here and her LinkedIn profile here.

Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 80 - Matthew Badalucco - Co-founder & CFO - Milu Labs - What Are your Durable Sources of Competitive Advantage?

by Matthew Badalucco | Asia Tech Podcast