Asia Tech Podcast – Episode 84 – René Papesch – Co-Founder and CTO at Riskwolf – Data is Key in the End

by | Aug 12, 2020

Quote: “Data is the key.”

In this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast, Michael Waitze is joined by René Papesch,  a co-Founder and CTO at Riskwolf, the platform that insures the digital economy. They provide a variety of integrated solutions from design to operating data-driven digital products, helping partners innovate, grow, and succeed. 

They discussed how René got into developing both an event-based and data-driven insurance product, his interests in technology, and his experience working in large-scale data processing projects.

Saying Goodbye to DVDs 

In the rapidly growing digital age, some people may have forgotten about one of the most essential elements of the home entertainment experience, which are DVDs. But not René. 

Growing up in the era of DVDs, René had grown fond of watching many movies and had collected an assortment of different DVDs over the years. However, owning an abundance of them became troublesome when it came to organising them and finding them. Thus, René decided the only reasonable thing to do was to go digital. 

René explained that at 15 years old he started operating a website that not only showed a collection of DVDs he had but also taught other people how to put DVDs online too. He revealed that this is where his interest in technology really grew but most notably it was where his fascination for data really began. 

Becoming a Data Scientist

“The market was not ready,” said René. 

To explore his interest in both technology and data science, René decided to go to university to study just that. He explained that he enrolled in a course at university for both business and computer science, and did a Masters in economics not long after that. René essentially became a data scientist. 

Despite his newly earned title and his experience in data and it’s infrastructure, René revealed that when it came to finding a job it was difficult as “the market was not ready” just yet. 

They discussed how René eventually got his first job in consulting, how he moved on from there, and his experience working on various big digital transformation projects following that. 

Hunting for Data

After they spoke about the importance of data, building the facility and infrastructure for it, and the technology to understand it all, they discussed René’s process and approach to finding reliable data sources. 

From there, René shared his insight on what aspects to look out for when selecting data to use, and the relationship between internet resilience, economic activities, and more. He then stressed the importance of protecting your business against vulnerabilities that would ultimately lead to your downfall and how Riskwolf is able to mitigate those risks.

To learn more about René Papesch and his deep insight into the world of technology, investing and data, listen to this episode of the Asia Tech podcast today.


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Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 84 - René Papesch - co-Founder and CTO at Riskwolf - Data is Key in the End

by René Papesch | Asia Tech Podcast

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