Quote: “I packed up in 2 weeks.”

In this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast, Michael Waitze is joined by Isaac Khazi, a Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Musician. As a successful Entrepreneur, Isaac has become the Founder of both Zylon Technologies Co. Ltd, a software development company offering a variety of digital products and services, and BlockchainLabs.ai., a high-quality tech agency specializing in UX design and digital product development in Bangkok.

They discussed Isaac’s experience growing up in not only a multicultural family but also a multireligious one, along with his experience moving around the Middle East for most of his childhood, and the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Embracing the Differences

“I was born to some interesting parents,” Isaac laughed.

Born and raised in India during his early childhood, Isaac was born embracing multicultural experiences in his multi-religious household. With his mom being Anglo Indian and Roman Catholic and his dad being Muslim, Isaac surrounded himself with Hindu friends, resulting in him growing up and encountering a multitude of different experiences.

“It really opened my mind up really early, I’d say I had a pretty interesting childhood,” he reflected.

As we become globally-connected, intercultural and multi-religious families are becoming more prominent. Despite the myths that this may cause confusion, conflict, or apathy amongst families Isaac explained that this was far from true for him.

Isaac explained that his experiences growing up only led him to become more open-minded and adventurous due to the impacts of travelling and living across the Middle East.

Onto New Roads

“I packed up in 2 weeks.”

Throughout his upbringing, Isaac naturally had many friends all over the world, one of which was from Thailand. He explained that he had decided to visit Thailand just for a short vacation and to see his friend, but what was supposed to be a quick trip ended up becoming a life-changing destination for Isaac.

At the time he had just graduated from university in Dubai, but after his trip, he managed to pack up his whole life to start a new one in a matter of weeks.

“I had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew I was pretty tech-savvy, so I thought I’d just figure it out,” revealed Isaac.

They went on to discuss his experience of moving into and settling down in Southeast Asia, and how he got recruited into his first real job as a software developer in Bangkok, Thailand.

Having a Strong Chin

“You can’t get to ‘Angry Birds’ unless you build ‘Angry Cows’ – a game nobody plays.”

Many people see entrepreneurship as their dream job, but the reality is that the road to entrepreneurship can be undoubtedly challenging and unpredictable.

The road to a successful entrepreneurial journey comes with many challenges, and many will face countless struggles and make many mistakes before finding “the” idea.

“You gotta’ figure out what people need in order to succeed, and that only comes with time spent building,” said Isaac.

In this podcast, they discussed the entrepreneurial experience and the importance of a “strong chin,” one that can withstand many blows to it and keep persevering and goes back to fighting.

To learn more about Isaac Khazi and how he overcame the obstacles he faced along the way to where he is today, listen to this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast today.

The episode summary was expertly written by Panchanit (Pang) Thawornwong.

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Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 87 - Isaac Khazi - Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Musician - Figure Out Where You're At

by Isaac Khazi | Asia Tech Podcast