Quote: “If I had to use one word, it would be accountability.”

In this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast, Michael Waitze is joined by Leanne Melnyk, the Head of Human and Labour Rights Governance at Diginex Solutions, an ESG Data Infrastructure Company.

They discussed Leanne’s journey from law school to where she is today, industrial relations, the issues surrounding domestic workers, international labour as well as issues within marginalised work forces. 

Forming The Future

“I guess the journey kind of started back in law school,” Leanne reflected. 

Leanne had explained that she had always been interested in Criminal Law, so much so that she applied to work at the International Criminal court in Sierra Leone during her studies. However, as a first-year student, Leanne did not have many choices that were available to her. 

She had put down an internship at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland, as her third choice and that’s where she ended up going. She explained that her tasks included conducting research, collective marketing, and researching freedom of association trends. 

“The thought of all this sounded incredibly boring to me, but the thought of going on a paid internship to Switzerland was… a little attractive,” laughed Leanne. 

She then goes on to reveal the unique insight she uncovered as her journey began, and realised the issues surrounding freedom of association were more interesting than she originally thought and the significance of using collective representation to shift power imbalances between different parties.  

The Issues in Uncharted Territories

“How have industrial relations affected the working conditions in different industries?” 

After finishing her law degree, Leanne gained further knowledge and skills in which she executed throughout the different industries around the world. What she had uncovered throughout her experience in our modern industrial society had been the issues surrounding industrial relations. 

Leanne shares the number of issues domestic workers have to face and work through during their day to day working lives within different industries, especially the more marginalised industries, which include language barriers, legal issues, and excessive recruitment fee charges. 

No Silver Bullet

“If I had to use one word, it would be accountability,” she said. 

Despite how far we have come as a society, there’s still a long challenging way ahead of us. Institutional misalignments are still present within most industries today, human rights conflicts are still prevalent around the globe, and it seems like there is no silver bullet solution to any of them. 

Leanne delves into some ways institutions can combat these human rights issues, such as holding people accountable for their actions, the issue of “modern slavery” and the use of blockchain technology to bring greater transparency to supply chains. 

To learn more about Leanne Melnyk and her quest to combat human rights issues around the globe, the future opportunities for blockchain technology, and more, listen to this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast today.


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Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 88 - Leanne Melnyk - Diginex Solutions - If I Had To Use One Word, It Would Be Accountability

by Leanne Melnyk | Asia Tech Podcast