Asia Tech Podcast – Episode 99 – David Abraham – Co-Founder and CEO at Outpost – Getting Together Over Differences

by | Nov 26, 2020

The Asia Tech Podcast was joined by David Abraham, a co-Founder, and the CEO at Outpost.  Outpost is a network of coliving, coworking, and social spaces for location independent entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals.  Outpost is a home base for a fast-growing community of global citizens seeking to design life on their own terms in idyllic destinations. From vibrant and comfortable coliving spaces to modern coworking spaces with active communities, each Outpost neighborhood has been created to help you feel connected and productive from the moment you arrive. 

David’s fascination with travel started when he was 21 years old and went to Japan to teach English.  However, do not mistake the idea of travel here to mean jaunting from city to city or country to country just to take a quick photo and say that you have been there.  David enjoyed the concept of going to a new place and taking in as much of that place as possible.  If this meant staying for an extended period of time, so be it.  Learning some of the local language, immersing one’s self in the local food, and trying to understand the culture and day to day life of everyday citizens is where the real joy of travel emanates.

After teaching English in Japan, David satisfied his growing curiosity for living in interesting places by working for the Peace Corps in Lithuania…you must listen to this entire episode to hear about David’s fascinating career arc, which also included working in the U.S. President’s office working on mostly financial assistance that was going to foreign aid.

David is passionate about the future of travel and work.  We had a super conversation about those topics and you can read more about his thoughts on this here.

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Asia Tech Podcast - Episode 99 - David Abraham - Co-Founder and CEO at Outpost - Getting Together Over Differences

by David Abraham | Asia Tech Podcast

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