Asia Tech Podcast – Episode 120 – Oi Yee Choo – Chief Commercial Officer at iSTOX – Democratizing Alternative Assets

by | May 12, 2021

The Asia Tech Podcast was joined by Oi Yee Choo, the Chief Commercial Officer at iSTOX, which leverages blockchain technology to bring previously out-of-reach opportunities to more investors.  Oi Yee Choo has more than two decades of experience in financial services at some of the world’s most well-known banks and investment banks.

Some of the topics that Oi Yee and I discussed:

  • iSTOX’ recently closed $50MM Series A
  • Small investors’ lack of access to private market investments
  • Existing processes for issuance, custody, and post-sale management of securities are very inefficient
  • The current environment favors Institutions and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals
  • Blockchain and smart contract technology allows iSTOX to digitize or tokenize securities
  • New technologies allow iSTOX to serve a large number of small investors
  • How this enables small investors to earn higher returns
  • Expands the universe of financial products that can be offered to smaller investors
  • This also helps issuers, giving them larger pools of potential investors
  • This process of digitizing the securities markets will not happen overnight, but it will happen
  • Which countries and regions are moving faster than others.

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