Asia Tech Podcast – EP 131 – Lorenzo Peracchione – COO at BukuKas – Itching to Go Back to the Startup Craziness

by | Jul 28, 2021

The Asia Tech Podcast was joined by Lorenzo Peracchione, a co-Founder and COO at Bukukas, a financial bookkeeping application and potentially so much more for Indonesia’s MSMEs and Warungs.  You may notice in the recording the moment in which Lorenzo and I realize we had met each other in person, years earlier, in Singapore.
Some of the things that Lorenzo and I covered in our conversation:
  • Most of Lorenzo’s professional life has been in Southeast Asia
  • The early days of building Lazada in Indonesia
  • Moving to Thailand to launch Luxola until it was acquired by Sephora
  • The founding of BukuKas and Lorenzo’s friendship and professional relationship with his co-Founder Krishnan Menon
  • What makes a great founding team
  • The massive gap of available digital services for 60 million MSMEs and Warungs in Indonesia tailored to their needs
  • The power of the entrepreneurial culture in Indonesia
  • The simplicity of use and understanding for BukuKas’ first product
  • Tokko and the integration of Social and Conversational Commerce
  • The importance of data and data analysis
  • The mantra that states, “If BukuKas can help make the merchants successful, then BukuKas can be successful.”

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