The Asia Tech Podcast was excited to be joined by the rising stars Weilyn Chong and Alexandra Debow, the co-Founders of The Entreprenuers Network (No. That is not spelled incorrectly.). The Network started with a podcast that is focused on female entrepre女ers from around the world.
Weilyn and Alexandra met while they were students at HKIS (Hong Kong International School) and have continued their friendship after moving on to university.  Weilyn is a rising sophomore (I can not believe I wrote that…) at Princeton University and Ali is the same at NYU in Shanghai.
Some of the topics we discussed included:
  • Getting into Princeton and NYU Shanghai and the impact of the pandemic on freshman year
  • Weilyn and Ali’s separate paths to entrepreneurship
  • The intersection of entrepreneurship and service
  • Thankful Thursdays
  • Social Innovation and leading with change and habits of gratitude
  • The birth of The Entreprenuers Network
  • Why don’t more people know the name of the Spanx founder?
  • Women are not taught to value themselves – Know Your Value
  • Balancing university studies and business building

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