Asia Tech Podcast – EP 133 – Helle Priess – Founder and CEO DoersCircle – Daring To Do

by | Aug 11, 2021

The Asia Tech Podcast was honored to have Helle Priess as a guest.  Helle is currently the Founder and CEO of  Originally from Denmark, Helle has spent more than half of her life in Asia (I know how that feels!).
Helle launched DoersCircle in March of 2019.  With more than 23 years of experience establishing and scaling businesses internationally, Helle is well-positioned to empower the global community of independent workers.  She is motivated by reshaping the world to support this huge and ever-growing group of independent people – the future of work.
Some of the topics that Helle and I discussed:
  • Moving to Beijing to study at university as an 18-year-old
  • Most of her peers were more likely to go to the United States or London
  • Always moving out of her comfort zone
  • The biggest challenge in her career was her age…was always quite young for her position
  • Always acted like an entrepreneur, even inside a larger organization
  • Making the leap to self-employment
  • The idea that being an entrepreneur is not stability driven
  • The poor treatment of independent workers and the genesis of DoersCircle
  • Close to 50% of the global workforce are independent doers
  • It should be just as easy for an independent doer to get a credit card, obtain insurance, and purchase other products and services as it is for a corporate employee

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