Asia Tech Podcast – EP 136 – Weerada Sucharitkul – FilmDoo CEO – It’s Like Cooking Ethnic Food Without the Spices

by | Aug 28, 2021

The Asia Tech Podcast welcomed Weerada Sucharitkul, the CEO of FilmDoo to the show for a truly inspiring conversation. The mission of FilmDoo has always been to connect to the world through film.  While the method for making these connections continues to expand and evolve, the mission remains the same.
Some of the topics that Weerada and I covered included:
  • Being the daughter of a Diplomat and the impact of being a third-culture kid on cultural understanding
  • Her role models for entrepreneurship included her Mom and Christoph Schmidt
  • The influence media has on real life and vice versa
  • The role of media and film in inspiring change
  • How FilmDoo helps people discover international films
  • The different pressures on male and female founders
  • Getting accepted in 500 Startups Global Launch Singapore program
  • 80% of FilmDoo’s traffic was coming from language-related searches
  • Leveraging the power of film to help with language learning and diversity and inclusion training
  • FilmDoo Academy and the future of learning
  • FilmDoo’s fundraising status
  • Southeast Asian School Competition at FilmDoo Academy

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