Asia Tech Podcast – EP 138 – Bryan Falchuk – Insurance Evolution Partners – From Disruption to Evolution

by | Sep 3, 2021

The Asia Tech Podcast switched gears a bit and welcomed Bryan Falchuk to the show.  Bryan is the Founder and Managing Partner of Insurance Evolution Partners.  Bryan is an extremely talented and experienced advisor to the Insurance industry and a former C-level Property and Casualty Insurance and InsurTech executive.
Some of the topics covered in our discussion included:
  • Moving from the carrier side to the InsurTech side
  • The subtle differences between mutuals and reciprocals
  • Selling technology to incumbent insurers
  • Capacity needs to be treated strategically
  • Communication between re-insurers, insurers, and InsurTechs is paramount
  • Capacity, Underwriting, Reinsurance and what these terms mean
  • Some of the incredible stories in his most recent book
  • Purpose – The idea that you can not imagine NOT doing it
  • Do incumbents worry about Amazon
  • The future is about partnerships and collaboration
  • Parametric insurance
Some of the other candidates for this episode’s title:
  • I Like Fixing Things
  • Taking the Risk Out of the Equation
  • The Grass Is Not Green Anywhere Unless You Garden

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