Asia Tech Podcast – EP 139 – Ee Ling Lim – 500 Startups – Uplifting People and Economies Through Entrepreneurship

by | Sep 8, 2021

The Asia Tech Podcast hosted Ee Ling Lim, Head of APAC Business Development at 500 Startups.  I first met Ee Ling when we recorded her first ATP episode about Smarter Me.  As the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia continues to mature, we wanted to bring her back on the show to talk about the importance of entrepreneurship and ecosystem building.
Some of the topics covered include:
  • The sheer amount of change that has occurred since her last appearance on ATP
  • The continuing inspiration Ee Ling gets from young (even teenage!) founders
  • The synergies between 500 Startups and Smarter Me
  • Customer centricity is not just a buzzword
  • Creating value and delivering impact
  • Empathy for Founders and startup stakeholders
  • Maintaining an emphasis on team culture
  • How 500 Startups works with governments that want to build and nurture startup ecosystems
  • Corporate innovation and facilitating internal startups
  • What will the next five years look like?
  • Digitalization, Virtualization, Health and Wealth Security, Education, and Sustainability

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