Asia Tech Podcast – EP 143 – Paul Salnikow – Founder of The Executive Centre – Why Isn’t Anybody Offering a Hotel for Companies?

by | Sep 22, 2021

Paul Salnikow, the Chairman and CEO of The Executive Centre joined the Asia Tech Podcast to discuss flexible work and what started as a niche product has grown into the centerpiece of not only the future of work but how we work today.
Some of the topics that Paul covered included:
  • Why he decided to attend Sophia University in Tokyo and the impact it had on his career
  • Working for a Japanese real estate company and getting sent to London to help open the office there
  • How the real estate market microstructure in London sparked the idea of a ‘hotel for companies’
  • Moving to Hong Kong and setting up the office there
  • The founding of The Executive Centre after the Japanese real estate company decided to pull back from its foreign businesses
  • The evolution of The Executive Centre and the role that technology played
  • How the clientele has changed over time
  • The launch of the iPhone and the impact on office space usage
  • WeWork became the largest tenant in London and Manhattan!
  • The demise of WeWork, the hubris of its founders and investors, and why it ultimately failed
  • The future of work and flexible working spaces
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. The Desks Shrank
  2. Your Entire Office Existence Is In Your Telephone
  3. I Had to Make Hong Kong Work or I Had to Pack My Bags
  4. Technology Has Been the Most Important Driver of the Emergence of Flexible Office Space

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