Asia Tech Podcast – EP 146 – Oussama Labib – CEO and Founder at aeqlia – If You Want Better Performance, You Need to Change Behavior

by | Oct 6, 2021

It was really enlightening to talk to Oussama Labib, the CEO and Founder at aeqlia, an all-in-one team development platform.  Oussama found his calling early in life and it is obvious that he is in the right place from his super positive attitude.  
Some of the topics that we covered:
  • Oussama was born to French-Moroccan parents who had migrated to France for their education
  • As a teenager, he knew he wanted to work in the Human Resources field
  • Spent a year in Bora Bora working in the hospitality business while at University
  • Commuting with turtles versus commuting on the Paris metro
  • Upon graduation from business school, bought a plane ticket to Singapore with a friend and started looking for a job
  • Rose quickly to a leadership position at Ikea
  • The reason he left his job to start his own business
  • Why aeqlia was founded and why Oussama focused on EdTech
  • aeqlia is an Arabic word that means mindset
  • Companies are organized by teams, but most learning is focused on individuals
  • Experiential learning increases retention
  • Game-based learning is NOT Gamification
  • Building highly personalized team development journeys
  • Did Oussama coin the term “Instant Learnification”?
  • The four stages of becoming a high-performance team
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. The Point Was to Travel
  2. I Don’t Look at My Choice as Weird
  3. It Makes My Life a Little Bit More Purpose-Driven
  4. Hit Repeat Every Single Day
  5. It Was the Best Year of My Life
  6. I Knew I Was No longer Going to Close Doors Myself
  7. It Sets the Bar Quite High
  8. Ideally, This Is a Never-Ending Process

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