Asia Tech Podcast – EP 148 – Brendon Howe – VP, GM Blockchain at VMware – Change the Game, Be Disruptive or Find New Markets

by | Oct 20, 2021

If you still thought that blockchain and distributed ledger technology were not ready for enterprise prime time, listening to this conversation with Brendon Howe, VP, GM Blockchain at VMware will change your mind.  Brendon spent most of his career with early-stage companies in the infrastructure and software services space, in a way, preparing for this role at VMware.
Some of the topics that Brendon discussed:
  • Developing a new product inside a large company that already has great products
  • Understanding when the right time is to scale opportunities
  • How DLT fits perfectly into VMware’s core business as an application platform for the enterprise
  • The importance of non-functional requirements when building any enterprise-level software
  • Building a high-performance team in a new technology space
  • Asset tokenization and digitization
  • Co-innovating as a trusted business partner
  • The interest in DLT products in Asia
  • Some real-world examples of VMware’s blockchain implementations in Australia and Malaysia
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. It’s Not for the Faint of Heart
  2. These Are Digital Transformation Initiatives
  3. We Are Very Active Participants in our Customers’ Use Case Definition

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