Taku Tanaka has a plan.  In a way, it seems like he has always had a plan.  Taku is a co-Founder and the CEO of Kamereo.  This should not surprise anyone that knows him.  Whether it was the challenge of going to the University of Washington as an exchange student or joining Credit Suisse to learn more about Finance and improve his English, Taku has always taken action with purpose.
Some of the topics Taku and I discussed:
  • A strong belief in yourself is important for success
  • His family was involved in Food and Beverage (F&B) supply chain business
  • Always wanting to open his own restaurant
  • Studied a lot of Japan’s listed F&B businesses while at Credit Suisse
  • Researched developing countries’ F&B businesses
  • Determined that emerging markets were a more interesting place to build
  • Sent a cold e-mail to the founders of Vietnam’s Pizza 4 Peace to try to get a job
  • At Pizza 4P, Taku became the COO and Pizza 4P grew from 1 shop to 12
  • In Vietnam, the F&B supply chain is highly fragmented
  • The founding of Kamereo – Vietnam’s one-stop-shop for F&B supply chain
  • Kamereo’s potential FinTech opportunities
  • Raising money during the COVID-19 pandemic

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