EP 151 – Wen Shaw – Cooby – Opportunities Always Lie In the Unknown and Unexpected

by | Nov 3, 2021

ATP was delighted to have Wen Shaw, a co-Founder and the CEO of Cooby, on the show.  Cooby enables businesses to take control of their WhatsApp and supercharge it for work.
Some of the topics Wen covered:
  • Going to California and starting his first company right after grad school
  • Working at Facebook and Dropbox
  • The cultural differences between Facebook and Dropbox start with their products
  • The culture at Facebook encourages moving really fast
  • Messenger apps versus eMail
  • Cooby’s value proposition
  • The idea that enterprises will all adopt messaging apps
  • Data usage and sales intelligence
  • A look back at a massive Facebook outage
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. It Was Not a Surprise to Anybody
  2. Messaging Is Replacing eMails
  3. Companies Want to Close Deals
  4. They Lose a Lot of Fidelity
  5. Fill In the Gaps, Wherever There’s a Gap
  6. It’s Either the Bank or My Parents

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