EP 154 – Barbara Ex – Founder and CEO of WhiteSpace – Bringing People Together So They Can Create

by | Nov 12, 2021

It was very interesting to converse with Barbara Ex, the Founder, and CEO of WhiteSpace.  WhiteSpace provides an O2O platform that provides flexible and affordable co-meeting spaces on-demand.
Some of the topics that Barbara and I covered:
  • Being expatriates to London early in her career
  • Moving to China and starting the Asia office of JMJ
  • Working on a huge project in Korea
  • Having a BS and an MS in Chemical Engineering from MIT gave her the credibility needed to cross-cultural barriers
  • Jumping into the world of entrepreneurs
  • Why WhiteSpace was started as an on-demand collaboration space
  • How COVID catalyzed flexible working
  • WhiteSpace’s operations, services, and technology
  • Meeting rooms as a service
  • The importance of listening to your customers
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. It’s Always Nominally a Two-Year Contract
  2. I Am Laughing at the Word ‘Strategy’
  3. How About in 2006?
  4. Off-Balance Is a Great Place to Start When You Are Doing Culture Change
  5. The Queen of the Korean Shipyards
  6. The Couple that PowerPoints Together Stays Together
  7. It Would Still Be Better Face-to-Face

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