EP 155 – Darius Liu – co-Founder and COO at ADDX – We Are Talking About Intergenerational Equity

by | Nov 17, 2021

We went back to the ADDX well about 6 months after our thoroughly enjoyable conversation with ADDX’s Chief Commercial Officer, Oi-Yee Choo.  This time we were excited to welcome Darius Liu, a co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer of ADDX.  The ADDX team is world-class and Darius is no exception…his career prior to founding ADDX can only be described as start-studded.  As for ADDX, a lot has changed since we published the initial episode in May and we really wanted to catch up.
Some of the topics that Darius covered:
  • What it was like working at GIC and having a 20-year investment horizon
  • Worked for the establishment including the Ministry of Finance
  • His deep domain knowledge in asset management
  • The name change from iSTOX to ADDX
  • The launch of structured products on the ADDX platform
  • The excitement of building a company from scratch
  • The next leap of competitiveness will have to be driven by tech and innovation in the regulatory space
  • How Singapore is already laying the foundation for the next generation
  • The Sembcorp sustainability bond as a seminal moment
  • Fractional ownership
Some of the other titles we considered:
  1. That Level of Trust Has Been Built
  2. The Amazon or AliBaba of Private Markets
  3. Really, It’s About Execution
  4. There Are So Many Unknowns
  5. In the Future, We See Everything as Being Digitized
  6. So Many Stars Have to Align for All of This Stuff to Work
  7. Fractionalization Is Securitization

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