EP 157 – Quan Nguyen – CEO at GIMO – It Is the End of Everything

by | Nov 24, 2021

The Asia Tech Podcast went back to Vietnam to talk to Quan Nguyen, a co-Founder and the CEO of GIMO, a fintech startup in Vietnam offering on-demand pay for blue-collar workers.
Some of the topics we covered:
  • His experience as a finance professional
  • How corporate life demotivated him
  • Getting an MBA and how it changed his mindset
  • Amidst some good success at work, Quan decided he needed to do something more meaningful and quit his job
  • Meeting the co-Founder of GIMO and pivoting the business
  • Early Wage Access and why GIMO focused on this product
  • Many Vietnamese are left out of traditional financial services
  • The overall state of financial services in Vietnam
  • Financial literacy and its impact on service accessibility
  • Partnerships and building an ecosystem
  • Raising capital and family support
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. Enjoying the Relaxing Lifestyle
  2. Parents…They Always Worry
  3. Is It Going to Die?

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