EP 158 – Derek Handley – Founding Partner at Aera VC – How Do You Live Your Life More Wisely?

by | Nov 27, 2021

We have wanted to speak to Derek Handley for a while now.  Derek is a Founding Partner at Aera VC and one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking investors I have encountered.
Some of the topics that Derek and I covered included:
  • Picking something and going deep
  • Building things in response to what becomes possible
  • The intersection of technology and sustainability
  • The art and science of living
  • Innovation in food technology and its impact on climate
  • The fear of losing a company one has built and doing something more impactful
  • The feelings that founders have when they exit
  • Wiser Conversations – How do you design and live life?
  • Portfolio construction and being a climate-focused venture fund
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. Architecture Is Really Just a Concept
  2. You Can Build Something to Respond to That
  3. You Have to Build Things You Are Committed to Building
  4. Is This the Contribution I am Meant to Be Making
  5. I Didn’t Not Do It
  6. The World Was Still

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