EP 159 – Yan Lee – Managing Partner at Hive Ventures – We’re Not Talking About Sci-Fi

by | Dec 1, 2021

Yan Lee, the Founder and Managing Partner at Hive Ventures joined the Asia Tech Podcast for a wide-ranging conversation about the startup ecosystem in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
Some of the topics that Yan and I discussed:
  • The listing of ICLK in Nasdaq and all of its associated issues
  • Taiwan and Hong Kong’s first home-grown software startup to be listed on Nasdaq
  • The importance of having a strong management team
  • How every startup is different
  • Making the move into venture capital
  • Similarities between parenting and early-stage VC investing
  • How the structure of Taiwan’s economy impacts its VC landscape
  • Data, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, and Automation
  • How Taiwan’s startups create their edge
  • How to combat investment myopia
  • Working with a lot of other funds
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. Almost Going Bankrupt 18 Times
  2. You Don’t Learn This Stuff in MBA
  3. That’s the Fire You Wanna Light
  4. There Are Probably a Million One Ways to Fail
  5. Everyone Is Looking to Plug Something Into Their Ecosystem
  6. It’s So Culturally Nuanced
  7. We no Longer Live In a Silo

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