EP 160 – Darshan Mehta – iResearch – Fun, Friends, Family and Fettuccine

by | Dec 4, 2021

It was back to the studio to welcome Darshan Mehta, the founder of iResearch.com. iResearch was designed to empower companies to easily, quickly, and affordably conduct insight sessions anytime and in any language.
Some of the topics that Darshan covered:
  • Growing up in an entrepreneurial household
  • Loved case studies and that led to management consulting
  • The realization that he was more interested in branding and marketing strategy
  • Building iResearch to be Easy, Affordable, and Powerful
  • The importance of insights
  • The underlying ‘why’ is what makes people do things
  • The difference between focus groups and surveys
  • The benefits of building startups in Thailand for foreigners
  • Fake genies
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. I Don’t Mind Problems, I Just Love Solutions
  2. The Best Tool for Anyone is Experience
  3. There Is a Real Difference Between Surviving and Striving

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